*Uncertainty: Preparing our students to live in a changing world - Dave Cormier - FEATURED PRESENTER

Much of the language around education suggests that we should be giving students clear objectives, transparent instructions and structured rubrics. There is good research to support this approach. It tells us that students will ‘perform’ better with these approaches. They will do better on our tests, suggesting that they will have ‘learned’. But is this preparing them for the world that they are living in? Does this kind of structure foster creativity or independence? This presentation will argue that real world challenges are uncertain and unpredictable and if we want our students to be able to deal with those challenges, our classrooms need to reflect this.

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9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

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  • Dave Cormier

    Dave Cormier is an educational thinker and writer who has been exploring the ways in which the digital impacts how we teach and learn for over two decades. His current work considers how the Internet fundamentally changes what our students need to learn and, maybe more importantly, what and how we can teach. It explores how we need to shift to seeing uncertainty as core to our learning processes: because that's what our students need and because many of our old approaches won't work anyway.