Primary Mathematics: What's essential?

If you are new to teaching mathematics at the K-2 grade levels, join Deanna for a look at the essential learning standards at the primary level. We will cover assessments, activities and approaches that reveal student understanding of content and competencies. Grade 2 teachers will learn what to look for from their struggling students based on intended learning from the K-1 grades. 

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My original plan was to make this more interactive with materials. However, the number of participants has climbed and in retrospect I can fit many more activities into the short workshop if I show the activities on my end. My goal is to fill your toolbox with ideas and if we were doing each activity I would only have time for a half dozen. I will have many files in the file share area for activities, plus I will share many online sites to find activities.




10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

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  • Deanna Brajcich

    Deanna started her career in 1994 teaching grade 9/10 Math and French. She gradually changed grades and schools to find herself teaching grade 5! In addition to working with students, she enjoys working with adult learners. She led the British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers (BCAMT) for three years and continues as Past-President. She enjoys traveling BC and the Yukon to provide math workshops and continues to instruct Elementary Math, Math Leadership and ELL for Queen's University. She was a district Numeracy Coordinator mentoring teachers, she is a member of the Island Numeracy Network on Vancouver Island, and she has worked on mathematics initiatives with the Ministry of Education. 

    Deanna is very proud to have her good friend and exceptional colleague, Sue Agnew, be her co-host. Sue will add experiences from her classroom experiences as well. She has taught many grades, but her focus has been on Kindergarten to grade two for these past years. She is highly regarded as a master teacher and brings out the best in all her students.