The Heartset of Inclusive Education by Keynote Speaker - Julie Causton

This session will help educators shift from a mainstreaming mindset to a heartset of inclusion.  This work takes creativity and compassion and just right supports.  Participants will be helped to focus on student strengths, gifts and talents, illuminate how to create connections between students, and ignite student creativity, and problem-solve how to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of students . The aim is to give educators the philosophy and the tools to encourage deeper relationships with students, promote desired student behavior, and improve inclusive classroom community all while demonstrating strategies at the same time.  (This workshop is a repeat of the morning workshop)

**Bring with you some plain paper and sticky notes to get the most of out of this interactive session.


12:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Room Theatre

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  • Julie Causton

    Dr. Julie Causton is the founder and CEO of Inclusive Schooling.  She was a Professor in the Inclusive and Special Education Program in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University for the past 14 years.  

    Her teaching, research and consulting are guided by a passion for inclusive education. 

    She has particular areas of expertise are school reform, inclusive teacher training, collaboration, humanistic behavioral supports, lesson planning, and providing invisible adult supports.  Julie has also provided independent educational evaluations in due process hearings across the nation.  She has both the legal knowledge and practical experience to do this work. 

    Her published works have appeared in over 30 academic journals including:  Remedial And Special Education, Teaching Exceptional Children, Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, Theory into Practice issue on Inclusive Leadership and Social Justice, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, The School Administrator , Equity and Excellence in Education , Studies in Art Education, Journal of Special Education Leadership, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Behavioral Disorders, Educational Leadership, Science Scope and Exceptional Children.

    She has written 6 books for school professionals about inclusive education that are widely read by school teams and teacher education programs across the country.  Last year she supported schools in the area of inclusive school reform in twelve states and in several parts of Canada.