Project -Re-Generation: A model for learning through community-based action projects

Project -Re- Generation (ReGen) is an immersive project- and place-based learning experience designed to inspire, empower, and activate youth to become engaged community members through design thinking and regenerative action. Students learn by doing: exploring and connecting with place; engaging with community experts and knowledge keepers from diverse backgrounds; and working collaboratively on an authentic sustainability project of their choosing. Through this experience, students build an understanding of the principles of sustainability while cultivating the critical skills increasingly essential to thrive in our ever-changing world. Along with adaptability and systems thinking, specific emphasis is given to the ‘Four C’s’ that link directly with BC’s curriculum: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. In ReGen, educators are facilitators and co-learners; they are a guide through the learning and design process and work alongside students on equal ground.

During the workshop, ReGen reps (and student alumni), Charlotte, Olena, Kaia, and Kasian will guide you through a hyper-condensed version of ReGen, unpacking the learning and design process through a series of activities, while sharing its impacts on both students and community members alike. 

To give you a bit better understanding of this process and our projects, please take a virtual stroll through a couple of our cohort webpages: spring 2021 ReGen and summer / fall 2020 ReGen.


Location: The Portal, 254 North Cove Road, Thetis Island V0R 2Y0

The Portal is a pleasant 10–15-minute bike ride, or a quick 5-minute car ride from the ferry terminal on Thetis. We will start when everyone gets here (~ 9:20 am) and the workshop will end to make sure everyone makes the 3:05pm ferry.

Ferry Schedule:

Morning: Departure (Chemainus): 8:20 am; Arrival (Thetis): 8:55 am

Afternoon: Departure (Thetis): 3:05 pm; Arrival (Chemainus): 4:05 pm

Please bring:

  • Lunch

  • Outdoor clothing (this workshop is completely outdoors)

  • Mask 


Target Audience



9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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  • Cowichan Valley School District (District 79)
    Charlotte Fesnoux


    Charlotte has always had a deep appreciation for, and sense of wonderment in, the natural world. In her adult life she has sought to inspire others to connect to and love the environment. Charlotte’s journey to become an educator began in 2011 at Simon Fraser University where she participated in a unique program: Semester in Dialogue. Dialogue aims to inspire active community engagement through meaningful dialogue and experiential learning. This exceptional experience played a pivotal role in her decision to later become an educator, and has profoundly influenced her pedagogical ethos and direction. Coupled with Dialogue, Charlotte’s involvement at Green School Bali – in 2014 and 2018, developed her experience as an immersive, place- and project-based learning facilitator. In September 2019, Charlotte and her partner moved from Vancouver to Thetis Island, and she has been working with the Thetis Island Nature Conservancy as program coordinator/facilitator and as a teacher-on-call at Thetis Island Elementary. 

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    Olena, Kasian, and Kaia Russell

    Kaia: Twelve-year-old Kaia is a passionate environmentalist and burgeoning marine biologist. One of Kaia’s favourite places to be is out on the beach at low tide, exploring all of the creatures that live in the intertidal zone. Kaia often spends her time documenting nature through art and writing and can often be found with piles of felt roving around her, just waiting to be transformed into her latest creation. Kaia loves reading and taking care of her younger sisters and participating in citizen science projects throughout the gulf islands. She is a ReGen alumni from this year. 

    Kasian: Fourteen-year-old Kasian comes with a solid background in sustainability. He is a small business owner, a bike mechanic and builder, and ReGen alumni (2021). Kasian is an older brother to four sisters and has been leading the Russell children in advocating for cycling transportation infrastructure that services all ages and abilities. Kasian loves being outside exploring trails and beaches around the island. When not on two wheels, Kasian can be found carving, reading, gardening, or playing one of four musical instruments he is working on learning. 

    Olena: Olena is a life-long learner. As a teacher with experience from kindergarten to high school, across integrated subject areas, Olena now spends her time learning alongside her 5 children. A passionate homelearner, Olena helps gently guide and facilitate the family’s learning through connections to community and the land they live on. Her focus is on nature-based and literature-based learning, incorporating her deep understanding of learner-centred approach and child engagement. Olena has expertise in resource and curriculum development, project based learning, and an ability to draw on a wide range of pedagogies based on her observation of specific learners.