Caregivers as Collaborators

Let's talk about how we can work with parents to help support your students' education and social emotional needs in and outside of the classroom.

Topics include:

- Suggestions on how to communicate with guardians

- Suggestions on how to collaborate with guardians whose children are struggling/at-risk

- When to contact guardians and how to formulate E-mails or when to make phone calls

- Suggestions on how to structure parent meetings

- How to support parents who are struggling

- How to work with frustrated parents


The goal is to provide you with information/strategies that you can use while also working collaboratively with your colleagues to come up with ideas on how to better connect with the guardians of your at-risk youth.

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12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

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  • Mary Klovance

    Mary Klovance has been working as both a middle and high school counsellor in SD 61 since 2012 and currently works as a Private Practice counsellor working specifically in parenting support. Previously, she worked as a Crisis Intervention Counsellor for the Youth Empowerment society at both their Youth Detox and Youth Shelter where she spent more than six years working with youth at risk. She is passionate about helping people make informed choices in order to be their best selves.