Evidence-Aligned Reading Instruction: What We Know About Teaching Kids to Read

Grounded in a well-established model of reading through a Response to Intervention (RTI) lens, this session will explore evidence-aligned practices to support all students' reading skills. The presenter will reflect upon what we know from decades of research about how kids learn to read, including what skills and knowledge are predictive of advanced reading proficiency and what instructional strategies are most effective. Additionally, the presenter will share key components of reading instruction, associated developmental progressions, and age-appropriate and evidence-aligned resources. Lastly, this session will focus on the use of efficient and reliable assessment tools that allow for screening and ongoing progress monitoring to get a sense of where all students are at, to drive responsive, differentiated instruction, and in some cases, to make informed decisions on which students may benefit from supplemental instruction and/or intervention.

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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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  • SD62 Sooke
    Shelby Pollitt

    Shelby Pollitt is the Literacy Coordinator in the Sooke School District and a PhD Candidate in Educational Psychology at the University of Victoria, studying the implementation of effective, evidence-aligned reading instruction and intervention. Shelby loves learning and believes that through collaborative professional learning and mentorship we can further develop our collective promising practices in assessment and responsive instruction to support foundational literacy, numeracy, and social emotional development for all of our learners.