Generative Art in Scratch

Get creative with coding! Teachers will learn some easy code and algorithms and how they can be used to generate visual art in Scratch. Teachers then have the freedom to edit the code to change colours, movement sizes, anything else. This is a great activity for all levels of coders as it allows for multiple entries and many extensions and everyone comes away with a unique coded art piece!

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10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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    UBC Geering Up

    UBC Geering Up is dedicated to promoting science, engineering, math, and technology to the children and youth of British Columbia through fun, innovative, and hands-on experiments and projects. 

  • Canada Learning Code
    Michele  Albach

    Michele is a graduate from the University of Alberta with an MSc in computing science. Her graduate research focused in the field of fairness in machine learning, and she is passionate about science education and outreach. She has recently moved to Kamloops after living in Edmonton for 8 years, and loves to paint, go on hikes, and play board games!

  • Canada Learning Code
    Mary  Arnett

    Mary has been an instructor with the Calgary Code Mobile since 2018. When not teaching, she enjoys listening to podcasts, playing board games and watching either the Criterion Channel or reality television from the mid-2000s.