Co-Teaching to Support and Enhance Student Learning in the French Immersion Classroom

This workshop will be divided in four parts. In the first part, we will present a general introduction to co-teaching and propose a working definition of what it is (and is not). We will then consider why co-teaching can be a valuable opportunity to support and enhance student learning in the inclusive classroom, and why it is particularly suited for French Immersion instruction. Having discussed the what and why, we will turn to how co-teaching works and present a number of specific organisational and teaching strategies that teachers can use in their classrooms. Finally, we will look at actual classroom experiences and their lesson plans where co-teaching was implemented successfully to maximize student learning opportunities and outcomes. Handouts and workshop will be in French.

Target Audience

All French Immersion teachers and Inclusive Education teachers (K-5).


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Room Library

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  • Jeanne Humphries

    Jeanne Humphries is a French Immersion teacher in the Greater Victoria School District with classroom experience at all levels of education (elementary to university). Currently she is involved in teacher mentoring, and team leadership and collaboration. She is also developing curriculum content and assessment practices that best support French Immersion students’ learning needs. Jeanne is a representative from the GVTA on the District French Advisory Committee.      

  • Tonya Winton

    Tonya Winton is a French Immersion Inclusive Education teacher in the Greater Victoria School District with classroom experience in elementary, middle and high school.  She is involved in team leadership, and extensive push-in collaborative teaching within the general education classroom. She is currently assessing and adapting teaching practises to accommodate all learners (push-in vs. pull-out models).  Tonya is an executive member of the Association des professeurs d’immersion de Victoria (APIV).