Stories of Place: Connecting to Community and Land through Story

Story connects us to people and place.  Story has the power to teach us, to empower us and build our compassion.  This workshop will highlight how story of community and land can be woven in our teaching practices and can help further connect students to place.


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Gillian Petrini

    I am a middle school educator who is dedicated to getting my students connected to the community and their natural environment.  My background is in environmental sciences and I have spent time teaching in both traditional classrooms settings and in various outdoor environments.  Outside of teaching, I have worked in various capacities with organizations and non-profits and have developed a commitment for community engagement and connection. I am also a mother of two, both in the public school system, and I enjoy seeing my children's love for the natural world and curiosity about their community grow. 

  • Kiersten Brookes

    Kiersten is a grade 5 teacher at Strawberry Vale Elementary in Victoria School District. She loves to get her kids actively engaged in environmental problem solving and discovery through citizen science and is active in many environmental committees including the executive of the Salish Sea EEPSA Chapter.

  • Dayna Christ-Rowling

    Dayna Christ-Rowling has been a proponent of Outdoor Education since she began teaching 25 years ago. She has formally been teaching Outdoor Education for the last 12 years. She has a passion for sharing the benefits of the outdoors with her students and would like to share how she does it with you.

  • Chloe Faught

    Chloe Faught is a high school educator in the Saanich School District who teaches Biology and Geography and is the current President of the Salish Sea EEPSA chapter in the CRD. She is passionate about bringing together educators across districts and levels to actively engage in mentoring and in making systemic changes in Education for the betterment of Earth.

  • Lara Kremler
  • Joanna Linger

    Joanna Linger is a secondary school educator in the Saanich School District and teaches Environmental Science and Biology.  Joanna is one of four teachers in Claremont's Institute for Global Solutions program which combines science and social studies into a unique interdisciplinary offering taking on some of today's greatest global challenges. She is passionate about environmental education, place based learning and empowering students to take action and become involved in their community.

  • Lisa Lockerbie

    Lisa Lockerbie is currently in her 8th year as the teacher for the Nature Kindergarten in the Sooke School District.  Her professional interests include: exploring nature as a co-teacher, learning through exploration and community building within the classroom.  She has a post degree diploma in Education (Early Learning through Exploration) through SFU. Lisa has a passion for nature and her experiences teaching in a variety of setting have always led her to the great outdoors!