Regulation Strategies In The Classroom


This workshop outlines how you can help students regulate themselves through co-regulation and teaching self-regulation strategies as well as classroom setup. This course is packed full of specific strategies you can use with your students in the classroom setting. Classroom teachers, EAs, LSTs and Counsellors will learn how to implement co-regulation, teach self-regulation and create behaviour/student support plans for students who are easily dysregulated. 

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12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • SD61 Victoria
    Mary Klovance

    Mary Klovance is a middle school counsellor in SD 61 and also runs her own private counselling practice where she specializes in working with youth who have ADHD and/or challenging behaviours, as well as with their parents. Mary celebrates neurodiversity as she herself has ADHD and comes from a neurodiverse family. She finds fulfillment by working with youth at risk and their caregivers (parents, teachers,etc.) to learn how to increase self-esteem, decrease challenging behaviours and foster success (as defined by the youth).