Positive Body Image: Teaching Activities & Resources


Island Health Dietitians will provide an interactive session to explore influences on body shape & size and highlight resources to help your students:


  • Understand what shapes our body shape and size

  • Examine how the media tries to influence how we feel about ourselves and push us toward body dissatisfaction and consumerism

  • Explore and celebrate their individual strengths and gifts

  • Think about positive self-care strategies and self-compassion.


Curricular connections with Science, English Language, Arts and Health.


Come prepared for an engaging session, and leave with ready-to-use, student-centred activities and resources.


Target Audience



12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Island Health
    Janet Krenz

    Janet is a Public Health Dietitian and Healthy School Lead with Island Health. She lives in Cowichan and is passionate growing and enjoying local food. Her hope is that children, youth and adults feel positive about themselves and embrace diversity. Janet and is grateful for this opportunity to connect with educators and support your practice. 

  • Hélène Dufour

    Hélène Dufour is a dietitian with Public Health at Island Health. She works at promoting health through food and nutrition in Oceanside, Port Alberni, Central West Coast including Aboriginal communities. Her community nutrition role encompasses a broad set of activities including nutrition education, nutrition and health promotion as well as assessment and planning to meet communities’ needs to access a safe, adequate and healthful diet. She especially enjoys translating general nutrition recommendations into action and is passionate about bringing the importance of nutrition and food on the agenda in her communities.