Journey of creation of a Place-Based Eco-Classroom

After 5 school years running an outdoor themed classroom, "Ocean Studies" at the Grade 7 level, I now have a series of progressively more demanding field trips plus integrated Language Arts/Social Studies/Science/P.E. (and sometimes French!) learning activities/units of instruction. You might find the dynamics of my journey useful, although there is no formula to 'clone' our classroom. It relies on you working with your school situation, classroom dynamics, grade level and surrounding community/environment. I will share photos, work flow, images of students samples, showing differentiation, curriculum connections and just plain fun. This experimental workshop will be a mix of my presentation, slide show and conversation. 

Target Audience

middle school or upper elementary teachers


12:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Room 215

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  • Mark Brown

    middle school teacher since 2007. B.Ed 2000, M.Ed 2015