Teens on Nature: Practical guide to giving your students the gift of the outdoors

A how to guide for Outdoor Education from: understanding the benefits, creating a climate of trust, risk management, trip planning and practical applications. In this workshop, I will be taking you on a short walk to a local park where we will put to practice some of my outdoor educational principles and lessons. You should wear comfortable clothing, dress for the weather and bring footwear you can hike in. You will leave with a small goodie bag with helpful tools to set you up on your adventures.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to take their students outside but does not feel confident to do so. Teachers that would like to start an Outdoor Education class at their school and need some inspiration.


10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Room Gym

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  • Dayna Christ-Rowling

    Dayna Christ-Rowling has been a proponent of Outdoor Education since she began teaching 25 years ago. She has formally be teaching Outdoor Education for the last 12 years. She has a passion for sharing the benefits of the outdoors with her students and would like to share how she does it with you.