Creating a Gender-Inclusive School Culture

This workshop will help develop an understanding of the risks facing trans, non-binary and gender diverse students, as well as the protective factors, gain increased familiarity with terminology used by the trans, non-binary and gender diverse communities, and increased awareness of gender identity and gender expression. Best practices for supporting a student through gender transition within the school system will be covered. Although the focus is on trans, non-binary and gender diverse students, gender-inclusive schools help all students to feel safe at school.

Target Audience



12:45 PM - 2:00 PM

This session is full.


  • BCTF
    Tara Ehrcke

    Tara is an activist, trade unionist, and a secondary math teacher in the Greater Victoria school district. They are a member of the BCTF Committee for Action on Social Justice, a Local Representative to the BCTF, and a Political Action Contact for the Greater Victoria Teachers' Association. 

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    Elliot Fox-Povey