A New Way To Teach Genomics With Geneskool!

Learn all about what Geneskool has to offer you and your students free of charge. Plus, learn about our new cross-curricular workshop: Genomics and Society!

These workshops tackle complex, place-based issues in genomics such as DNA databases, through multiple lenses: government, industry, society, and science. Focused on bringing social and emotional learning into the conversation about genomics and society, students will explore the grey zone of complex issues. Through a powerful role-playing workshop, students will engage with each other as members of BC’s community, coming together to make big decisions about big problems.

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10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Genome BC's Geneskool
    Madelyn Jones

    Genome BC Geneskool™ supports educators by connecting grade 9-12 students to cutting-edge genetic research. We currently offer several in-person and virtual workshops, along with resource downloads and field trips. Your students can solve an outbreak, a murder mystery or simply deepen their understanding of current issues in genomics. Best part? Everything is completely free! Book now.

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    Alex Chattwood