Designing Secondary Social Studies Courses: Approaches to the Revised Curriculum

This workshop will focus on approaches to the teaching and assessment of Social Studies curriculum. Engaging students, developing creative ideas and critical thinking, are among but a few critical approaches to teaching Social Studies. As well, it’s important to consider just what it is we aim to achieve in teaching Social Studies and what we’re looking for while assessing students in Social Studies. More to the point, what should this look like – what does this look like?

New curriculum competencies and content are upon educators in British Columbia. It’s time to make sense of the revised curriculum, our teaching practice, the ‘big ideas,’ constructing our own narratives, and what assessing student works in this new era of education in BC really means. Exemplars, rubrics and ‘other’ approaches to new course developments in the secondary Social Studies curriculum will be demonstrated and provided to participants. Those courses include Social Studies 9/10, 20th Century History 11/12, Comparative Cultures 11/12 and Human Geography 11/12 and Social Studies 11 Explorations.

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for new secondary school Social Studies teachers and experienced teachers who want to re-examine their approach to Social Studies in lieu of the revised curriculum.


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 329

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  • Scott Campbell

    Scott Campbell is a Social Studies teacher at Reynolds Secondary School. He has taught just about every Social Studies course in the canon a teacher at the secondary school level possibly can. Additionally, as part of a progressive department of Social Studies educators at Reynolds, he has seen through the establishment of new courses that align with the revised curriculum. Not yet a veteran, though not nearly the animated personality he once was (there are very young children on the home front….), Scott has been fortunate to learn from a great many students and educators from varied schools and programs across the Greater Victoria School District since he began teaching in 2005. He keeps it real, most days.