Problem solving in Writing - what do children need to know in order to get their messages on paper?

The writing process encompasses composing a message and writing the message on paper.  There are ways we can help children develop ideas and refine them so that they can be written down.  Once children have an idea they need strategies for getting the words down on paper.  They can either "know" a word, analyze the sounds in a word or use a word they already know, to get to a word they don't know yet.  We can support children in their growing effectiveness in using these strategies. In this session we will explore ways to help the student become an independent problem solver in writing.

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12:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Room 306

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  • Shari Worsfold

    Dr. Shari Worsfold is currently a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader for the Southern Vancouver Island Reading Recovery Consortium.  She has been a primary classroom teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, Liaison Administrator and is Past President of the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery.  Shari has spent a career helping teachers understand how to observe, interpret and respond to children's learning in order to help children construct proficient problem solving systems and untangle their confusions so that they can become proficient and confident readers and writers.