BC Digital Classroom – Beyond Databases (3-7)

ERAC’s Updated BC Digital Classroom is a core collection of digital resources (over 25 online databases) that most districts have licensed.  The collection has been updated to provide resources that are truly 3 – 7 in nature.  Join in an overview of the tools included and examples of how they can be integrated into meaningful learning opportunities aligned with the Big Ideas in the revised BC Curriculum.  The digital resources provide a variety of tools to differentiate content and access to age appropriate content through lexile searching, voice to text, extensive images and video.  These resources are available for *free* for teachers and students in your School District and for home use.  Access readily available for through School District and ERAC websites.

Target Audience

All Subjects: Grade 3-7


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Mike Silverton

    Presenter will be from ERAC's Professional Learning Team.

  • ERAC Instructor