Wetland Wetlab with the Galiano Conservancy Association

Dive in with the Galiano Conservancy Association's education team to learn about freshwater ecosystems, the creatures that live within them, and how they are affected by climate change and other human-related disturbances. 

During this workshop, watch live water bugs in action as we discuss their amazing adaptations, food-chain relationships, pollution-population dynamics and taxomical classifications. 

Learn how to take your class to a nearby wetland. We'll talk about what materials you need, how to ethically and safely collect freshwater invertebrates, strategies to identify insects for beginners and more! 

The Galiano Conservancy Association offers a variety of in-person K-12 field trips (including Wetland Wetlab activities) at our home-base, the Millard Learning Centre, on Galiano Island. For more information see: www.galianoconservancy.ca or contact our Education Coordinator (Emily) at 250-539-2424 or bookings@galianoconservancy.ca 

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12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Galiano Conservancy Association
    Emily Francis

    Emily has worked with the Galiano Conservancy Association (GCA) for the past four years and is the GCA's Education Coordinator. She develops curriculum for, and facilitates the GCA's single day and overnight K-12 field trips on Galiano Island. Emily is a "nature-nerd" and an active outdoorswoman with a passion for all things squishy - from fungus to jellyfish. She loves sharing her knowledge about Galiano Island, a place she is priviledged to call home.