Math Literacy for Grades 7 to 10

Math literacy is a student’s capacity to articulate the role that math plays in the world, to make well-founded mathematical judgments and to actively engage in math.  It includes the ability to put math knowledge/skills to functional use in people's lives rather than limited to mechanical operations.    Math literacy often relies on personal traits such as self-confidence and curiosity in students. As an educator, learn how to interweave these concepts into your lessons through student practise with journal writing, portfolios, step-by-step "thought bubbles" for problem solving, etc.  New assessment tools including math literacy will also be discussed.   When students can communicate their mathematical thoughts on paper through words, it's amazing what they can achieve!  Come find out!   

Target Audience

Grade 7 to 10 math teachers


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 322

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  • Susan Smith

    Susan is a math, science and physics teacher at Mt. Douglas Secondary School in Victoria, B.C.  She loves to make math and science exciting for students through hands-on creative activities.  Susan has been a teacher for 24 years in both Ontario and B.C, and enjoys sharing her resources with other educators.  Susan has also been a reviewer and writer for various textbook publishers as well as the Ministry of Education.  When not teaching, she enjoys the beautiful outdoors of B.C with her family.