Stop-motion animation

Create and animate your story using only a smartphone! This workshop is a fun way to understand the basics of movie-making with readily available digital tools. Participants will work through hands-on activities designed to help them plan fun stop-motion projects for their classroom, and will learn about stop-motion techniques including claymation, cutouts, pixillation, and more. A handout with free resources and apps, plus links to example videos, will be included. This hands-on animation workshop will use the free Stop Motion Studio app, with tips and tricks for making several types of stop motion projects like object motion, pixillation, claymation, cut-out, and more!

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10:15 AM - 11:45 AM

This session is full.


  • The Cinematique
    Ruvarashe Marikano

    Ruvarashe Marikano is a filmmaker and Learning & Outreach coordinator at The Cinematheque.

  • Acacia Nikiel