Storytelling for Inclusion

How to use narrative and storytelling in the middle school and high school Social Studies and History classrooms with a focus on inclsuion. Based on the principals of UDL and peer reviewed studies of drama, storytelling, and inclusion, workshop participants will learn through doing. Teachers should expect to come away from the workshop with 1-2 lesson plans adapted for use in inclusive social studies and history classes. Research in applied theatre and storytelling indicates that drama uses all 5 modes of meaning making (word, number, image, sound, and gesture (McLeod, 2000). By teaching history and social studies from all 5 modes teachers can support diverse learners and introduce the idea that multiple modes of representation are valid representations of student knowledge.  

Target Audience

Middle and High school teachers. Focus is on Social Studies and History but lessons could easily be adapted for English and Language Arts classes.


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 311

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  • Holly Brinkman

    Holly Brinkman is a teacher, storyteller, and physical performance artist living and working in Victoria, BC (unceded territory of the Lewungen and Wsanec peoples). She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from McGill University and a Secondary Teaching Post-Degree Professional Program for UVic. Holly is currently in the process of getting her Master's Degree in Educational Psychology with a focus on Special Education at UVic.