Online Learning - Tips and Tricks that Work!

In March 2020 teachers were faced with an almost impossible task - to move their classroom teaching programs to an online capacity - pronto! As expected, there were bumps, but with the bumps also grew an awareness of the opportunities that come with teaching online. We are entering a new chapter of delivering programs where online teaching is an accepted and expected teaching and learning platform. And that leaves us with so many questions. Can a Zoom session be as effective as an in-class lecture? How long should a child be in front of a screen? How do I know if my students are engaging with my read aloud on Teams? Can my students access my program properly their phones? Join Patty and Suzanne, both teachers at SIDES, as we dig deep into our online bag of tricks and tips for strategies that work. We will draw from tried and true examples, including conducting an online story time, book talk and online virtual classes with students who have never met in person. Coupled with practical examples, we will also dig deeper into current research and our understanding of the online pedagogy as an effective and amazing tool to promote student learning. You will leave this session with the confidence to jump into an online teaching platform, or to use online tools to support your classroom practice. Although the examples used in this session will focus on grades K-5, the tips and tricks can be applied to any grade and any subject. In other words, everyone is welcome!

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10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

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  • Patty Golumbia

    Patty has been a teacher at SIDES for 10 years as an Integration Support Teacher, and more recently K-8 Teacher Librarian. Patty has a passion for libraries and has worked in a library capacity at the University of Saskatchewan and Vancouver Island Regional Library. She was the Teacher Librarian at S’kaadgaa Naay Elementary, on Haida Gwaii, before moving south and becoming a Teacher Librarian at SIDES.

  • Suzanne Chisholm

    Suzanne Chisholm currently teaches Grade 5 at SIDES. She has taught in both an independent school and in Saanich Schools. She recently completed a doctorate in education, and her work focused on how districts can optimize the use of digital technology in classrooms. Teaching is a second career for Suzanne. For twenty years, she has worked as a documentary filmmaker, and she believes strongly in the power of still and moving images in her teaching practice.