Teaching to Neurodiversity

I am a teacher living with autism and so I deeply feel the challenges my neurodiverse students face in the classroom. I offer a unique perspective on how to support students with autism and ADHD.

I will be walking teachers through my understanding of neurodiverse students and their strengths and challenges. I will share a bit about my own experiences in the education system as a student (what worked for me and what did not, even with well meaning teachers). Teachers will have the opportunity throughout the workshop to share their experiences of working with neurodiverse students. Finally, I will be offering a variety of support strategies to implement with neurodiverse students.

Target Audience

6-8/Middle school


10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

This session is full.


  • School District 61
    Reegan MacKenzie

    Reegan MacKenzie is a middle school teacher in SD 61. She is autistic and queer and aims to share her lived experiences to help give her colleagues the tools to be inclusive to all students in their classrooms.