How Can We Help Struggling Learners Remember Information?

This presentation is targeted to those teachers and professionals who are working with children who have trouble remembering what they have been taught.  Eight techniques will be explored that support the increase in retention by students.  A focus will be made on early primary students and those with special needs who often have trouble remembering their letter sounds.  These children often look at the letter ‘h’, for example, and find it hard to remember that the squiggle says the sound /h/.  There is no clue in the letter name or its shape. 

This research will be showcased in the Alphabet Linking Program which incorporates embedded mnemonics to help children remember the letter sounds. 

The presenter will then go over the components for the Alphabet Linking Program:  The Teacher’s Guide, The Alphabet Linking Chart, The Alphabet Linking Cards, The Alphabet Mnemonic Chart, and the Assessment.  As she goes through the components, she will teach how to use this program in a small group instructional setting.  Additionally, she will explain the research on which order we should teach the letter sound sequence. 

There is an option to download the Alphabet Linking Program for a nominal $10 fee, but all concepts can be incorporated into your teaching without the purchase.

Hear what others are saying about this workshop:

“I have been teaching for 30 years however, I am new to Learning Services and found your information very useful for the little struggling students I work with.” M.Falcioni, SD #34

“Thank you very much for a terrific workshop this morning. It was very inspiring as I have been working with the LLI program for several years but there are still some students who struggle with learning letter/letter sound recognition. I am very much looking forward to using your Alphabet Linking Chart Program.”  L. Weidman, SD#68

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10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

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  • Fiona Mosher

    Fiona Mosher has a masters in Special Education and she is currently an Inclusion Support Teacher at Brentwood Elementary in Saanich.  She has been teaching for 31 years and is passionate about finding ways to help children who struggle, find success.   She is the creator of The Alphabet Linking Program which she created while working on her masters.