Working with Inquiry at the Secondary level

Join Clint and Holly as we discuss our experiences incorporating Inquiry Projects into our online courses at SIDES.  Specific project examples will be shared that are applicable to classroom teachers as well as to online teachers. 

Target Audience

Secondary Teachers (Science, Social Studies, Teacher-Librarians)


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 206

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  • Holly Mair

    Holly currently teaches Social Studies 10-12 and supports her staff as a Teacher-Librarian.  She spent the first half of her career as a classroom teacher and the later part of her career in various roles:  District Support Teacher for Literacy, Teacher-Librarian and Distance Education Teacher.

  • Clint Surry

    Clint currently teaches students Chemistry 11/12 and Science 9 at SIDES as well as tutorial support for Science/Math at SIDES.  Over his career, he has enjoyed teaching the senior and junior science program in traditional classrooms as well as the online environment,  career education in the sciences, has been a strong advocate for DL learning as a course developer and active in professional development helping teachers with the DL environment.