Poetry Strategies for Secondary School Students

Here is how to love poetry and get your students to love it too! This workshop offers an A to Z of poetry activities that will stimulate the creative zest in students and help them to understand, by doing, how poems are made. There will be instruction in many poetry strategies, that you can try out during the workshop, activities that will unobtrusively teach metaphor, imagery, consonance and rhyme, line breaks, as well as various poetic forms that students love: sestinas, pantoums, found poems, glosas. In no time they will be writing wonderful poems and enjoying themselves! The activities require few props and can be varied for different grade levels, including middle school students. This workhop is a sample of the ongoing "Poets in the Schools" program offered by Planet Earth Poetry.

Target Audience

up to 25 teachers of secondary school and middle school students


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 330

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  • Barbara Pelman

    Barbara Pelman is a retired English teacher in SD61 who brought poetry to her students and the school, initiating poetry readings, lunch time Open Mic for students and staff, and poetry events to the community. She has three published books of poetry and a published chapbook, and many poems in literary journals and anthologies. As an assistant at the Planet Earth Poetry weekly poetry venue, she co-hosts and organizes poetry workshops and retreats.


  • Daniel Scott

    Artistic Director of Planet Earth Poetry

  • Anne Hopkinson