Assessing Performance and Art: Using Proficiency From the Stage to the Classroom

Assessing performance is one of the most challenging tasks a teacher faces when trying to remain authentic, acknowledge growth, and remove personal bias.  Whether you are looking at a monologue in drama, a culinary creation in foods or original poetry in English grading is not cut and dry, but influenced by our own personal values, likes and dislikes, and aesthetic leanings.  Proficiency grading, meta-cognitive practices, and grade weighting that supports growth can create an environment that allows us to better reward student success, reduce risk-anxiety, and develop an environment of reflective practice that can set students up for long term success. In this workshop we will ground ourselves briefly at pedagogy and practice but spend most of our time looking at practical strategies, resources, and techniques for bringing proficiency-based assessment, meta-cognitive strategies and portfolio grading into our classrooms. Examples from Grades 9 and 10 will be presented.

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12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Saanich School District #63
    Michelle Cunningham

    Michelle Cunningham is a veteran teacher in Performing Arts, English, Social Studies and Careers.  Through her early years of teaching, she quickly discovered that her archnemesis was assessment.  In order to tame this foe, she spent several years at the University of Victoria studying, researching and discovering the key to aligning her pedagogical values with her grading practices.  These days Michelle is sharing her learnings around BC, exploring learning with her students, and playing FortNite with her son and husband.