Navigating Puberty: Supporting Students with Unique Learning Needs

This workshop will review typical sexual health knowledge and development, with a particular focus on the process of puberty. Through completion of this workshop participants will achieve the following goals: identify the provincial Learning Standards as they relate to puberty; identify and describe the changes that all bodies go through during puberty, as well as those specific to anatomical sexes; describe behaviours that are typical for all students as they approach and move through puberty; discuss some strategies to support students in learning about changes bodies go through during puberty; and review some approaches that may be used to support students while they are experiencing the changes that come along with puberty.

Target Audience

Learning support teachers; classroom teachers; educational assistants


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Room 325

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  • Landa Mark

    Landa Mark, MA, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst & Sexual Health Educator

    I am passionate about delivering evidence-based practices that, at the same time, meet the varying needs of individuals, their families, and supporting communities. My work has focused on supporting those with autism, developmental disabilities, and other unique learning needs utilizing the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. In recent years my practice has shifted to focus on teaching and addressing concerns related to sexual health development and education. The needs in this area can range from help in discussing sexuality with a child/client, addressing inappropriate sexual behaviours, and how to provide appropriate sex education to those with autism and other unique learning needs. In support of these goals I have also completed training through Options for Sexual Health in their Sexual Health Educator Certification program.