Yoga: Move, Breathe & Integrate

After a full day at Tapestry, why not carve out space & time to help you integrate your experience through some light yoga and breathing? Participants are encouraged to create a quiet space at home where for one hour will be guided through an all levels Hatha Yoga flow all while consciously connecting the breath to help integrate the day's learnings. Moving from the mind to the body, the intention is to feel more grounded with all that has been absorbed throughout the conference. No experience is necessary. Everyone&body is welcome. What an honour to return with this wellness offering. 

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To Bring/Important Notes

Please ensure you have a quiet & distraction free space setup for our time shared together. Wearing comfortable clothes, have your yoga space ready to move, breathe & meditate, inviting any yoga props you like to utilize and a cozy blanket and possibly eye pillow for savasana. Have some herbal tea nearby or spring water and it’s recommended to play your audio through an external speaker for the quality of the sound to be clear & audible. Lighting some incense and a candle can also help with creating your sacred space. If you have any questions, please connect with me prior to arrival on Zoom. Many thanks! I look forward to practicing with you!


2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

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  • Saanich School District Teacher On Call
    Jessica Bouley

    Yoga and the breath have been the two most reliable modalities for balancing the stresses that life presents and for assisting with integration of the experiences presented with on a daily basis, and it's an honour to return to Tapestry to offer this post-conference opportunity. I believe when we learn how to consciously move and breathe and create the space for this to occur daily, we can cultivate more peace, groundedness, clarity and freedom within our mind-body connection. Everyone&body is welcome to join this intentional hour of self-care.  

  • Jessica Bouley