Learning Assistance/Support Teaching

The responsibilities of Learning Assistance teachers vary across districts and across schools within districts, depending on a child's profile (e.g., age, designation, history of intervention, etc.) and the amount of non-enrolling time allocated to a school. We will discuss some key responsibilities of this role, including Individual/Inclusive Education Plans (IEP), School-based teams (SBT), and different models for learning assistance, including co-teaching, in-class support, one-to-one support and small group learning. As part of the IEP development, we will briefly discuss the various designations and funding categories.

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10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

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  • Danielle Neer

    Danielle has been a classroom teacher, resource/learning support teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, and currently teaches in a learning disabilities intervention program for students in Grades 3-5 with SD23 (Kelowna). She currently volunteers with the Learning Assistance Teachers' Association's (LATA) executive in the role of president. LATA is a provincial specialist association (PSA), which is supported by the BCTF. Currently LATA works to support members and those teaching in this role through an annual conference on the October PSA professional development day, resource sharing with members through email and website updates and workshops offered through local organizations.

  • Andrea Hoeving

    Andrea Hoeving has been a teacher in BC for nearly 20 years with a wide variety of experience including a wide breadth of grade levels and both private and public teaching experience. She received her B.Ed  (elementary/middle) from UBC, Inclusive Education Graduate Diploma from VIU, and is currently completing her thesis to finish her Masters in Special Education. Currently Andrea is a learning support teacher in an inner-city elementary school in SD 34 and is a council member of LATA (Learning Assistance Teachers' Association of BC).