Online Learning - Tips and Tricks that Work

Join Patty, Whitney, and Holly, educators at SIDES, as we dig deep into our online bag of tricks and tips for online teaching strategies that work at all levels K-12. We will draw from tried and true examples, including conducting an online story time and book talks, creating engaging educational videos, and conducting online virtual classes with students who have never met in person. Coupled with practical examples, we will also dig deeper into current research and our understanding of online pedagogy as an effective and amazing tool to promote student learning. You will leave this session with the confidence to jump into an online teaching platform or to use online tools to support your classroom practice. 



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12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • SD63, Saanich
    Patty Golumbia

    Patty Golumbia has been a teacher since 1986 and has taught in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and BC. She has spent most of her career teaching at brick and mortar schools but moved to online teaching online at SIDES 10 years ago. She is an Integration Support teacher and K-8 Teacher Librarian.





  • SD63 Saanich
    Holly Mair

    Holly Mair has been a teacher for 28 years:  the last 10 being at South Island Distance Education School as a secondary Social Studies Teacher and a Teacher-Librarian. 

  • SD#63
    Whitney Williams

    Whitney Williams is a Grade 4/5 Teacher at SIDES. She previously taught Grade 2 at SIDES, but began her career as a Music teacher. She recently completed a Certificate in Special Education, and is focused on incorporating UDL strategies and principles in her online teaching practice. Whitney is passionate about making meaningful connections with students and families, and ensuring equity across all aspects of the online learning experience.