Building Academic Portfolios

This session will focus on using simple yet constructive frameworks in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math to expedite tracking individual progress in a differentiated classroom. The “Learning Together” portfolio framework (multi-discipline, K-5) integrates performance evaluation, student self-assessment and integration of teacher feedback for moving learning forward. This living document is the crux of an academic portfolio, facilitating reporting, conferencing, interviewing, and self-evaluation. Participants are invited to share and discuss common pitfalls in pedagogical documentation and communicating student learning and use portfolios to organize documentation and drive instruction. Participants are invited to bring their own students’ work samples to process on site for use in a portfolio framework.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Laptop to access files; work samples as exemplars to process for a portfolio: e.g., assessments in math, social studies, science or language arts.




10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

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  • Jennifer Moroz

    Drawing on the 20 years teaching experience in K-8 classrooms, Jennifer Moroz has focused on creating assessment frameworks. During her time on the Learning Innovations team in School District 57, she developed tools for portfolio assessment and collected exemplars to share in workshops around the province. Jennifer’s passion is finding ways to expedite the process of communicating student learning to create joyful and accurate communication for learners, educators and parents.