TPRS/CI - Strategies for Storytelling in the High School Language Classroom

In this workshop, I will share my approach to storytelling in my high school language classes. I will walk you through how I present a story to my Spanish classes.  As time allows, I will discuss the various activities and strategies that I use to increase language acquisition and to keep students engaged--personalized questions, classroom talk, picture talk, movie talk, assessment ideas and more. This workshop is for high school language teachers who are interested in teaching using Comprehensible Input and Teaching Proficiency through Reading and  Storytelling. The workshop will be conducted in English.

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10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • SD61, Victoria High School
    Martha McKay

    Martha McKay is a Spanish and ELL teacher at Victoria High School.  She has been teaching through stories and comprehensible input since 2014 after attending her first 3-day workshop on TPRS with Blaine Ray.  She has attended countless CI/TPRS workshops and has held several workshops in the district for other language teachers.  She is a strong believer in this approach to language teaching as she continues to see amazing improvements in both language acquisition and  engagement in her classroom.