*Making uncertainty work in the classroom - Dave Cormier - FEATURED PRESENTER

An uncertain classroom is very different than the one that most of us imagine when we think of our school systems. We all need to not only imagine a new approach to teaching, but also understand where it might or might not apply. We need to not only imagine the new approaches, but understand how teachers and students need to change in order to make them effective. What kinds of learning are best suited to uncertainty? How does the role of the teacher change? Of the student? What does it mean to assign an activity that is ‘uncertain’? How am I supposed to grade that? This discussion will explore practical, in-class approaches to promoting uncertainty and explore some of the possible advantages and challenges that can result.

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10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Dave Cormier

    Dave Cormier is an educational thinker and writer who has been exploring the ways in which the digital impacts how we teach and learn for over two decades. His current work considers how the Internet fundamentally changes what our students need to learn and, maybe more importantly, what and how we can teach. It explores how we need to shift to seeing uncertainty as core to our learning processes: because that's what our students need and because many of our old approaches won't work anyway.