Middle Years Math Numeracy inspired by Jo Boaler

Hands-on explorational workshop giving educators an opportunity to play with low floor, high ceiling activities that explore improving numeracy through curricular content. This workshop is inspired by the presenters' recent participation in a conference at Stanford presented by Joe Boaler and Cathy Williams. Format: hands-on activities, problems, videos, discussion,

Target Audience

6-8/Middle school


9:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Frances Kelsey Secondary School Mill Bay

This session is full.

This workshops is held offsite at Frances Kelsey Secondary School Mill Bay - 953 Shawnigan Lake-Mill Bay Rd - Mill Bay, BC - V0R 2P2 - Canada


  • Susan Mayner

    Susan Mayner has been teaching Math to middle years students for 25 years. She is passionate about supporting learners in their development of foundational numeracy skills. She believes that the Math classroom is a place for risk-taking, learning from mistakes, and being actively engaged in the beauty, as well as the skill-building of mathematics.

    Penny Butler has been teaching middle years students for over 25 years. With a background in remedial methodology, she believes that all students can learn in a variety of ways.