Concussion management for educators: Supporting students back to school

This course provides school professionals (teachers, administrators and support staff) with the knowledge and tools necessary to help students return to learning following a concussion.  


Learn how to better recognize a concussion, how to respond if you suspect an injury has happened, how to encourage recovery and effectively support students reintegrate with school.


We will cover:

  1. Basic science of a concussion injury

  2. An update on the research regarding concussions and brain injuries

  3. How we currently treat concussion injuries

  4. Common myths and misconceptions

  5. What you can do to help your students recover

  6. Framework for return to learn (RTL)

  7. Creating an RTL plan

  8. Specific strategies and tools to address particular symptoms and issues



  1. Make your job easier!

  2. Gain more clarity on concussions and what to expect

  3. Be able to create a simple RTL plan

  4. Gain an understanding of practical strategies and tools

  5. Be able to implement successful RTL supports for students


This training draws on information from sources including the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT).  Even if you have taken the CATT training before, you will be provided with new learning and information.


Target Audience

Teachers, support staff, administrators, coaches


12:45 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Devon Cochrane

    Devon Cochrane is an occupational therapist with a special interest in concussion and brain injury.  He works at Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre in a multidisciplinary program for concussion treatment, where they have helped over 300 people overcome injury.