Classroom Management for TTOCs

TTOCs must establish rapport with students quickly and use management strategies that work immediately. The workshop will explore the basics of classroom management and how TTOCs can adapt them for their work. Practical strategies for creating a positive environment and taking constructive action with individual students will be explored.

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12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

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  • Lila Lund

    Lila Lund has her BA in Psychology (2007) and graduated from UVic with her Elementary Education degree (PDPP) in 2010. She then taught at BC Offshore schools in Doha, Qatar (2010 - 2011) and Bangkok, Thailand (2011 - 2012). When she returned to Canada she worked in Human Resources where she honed her presentation skills delivering Respect in The Workplace and Leadership Development workshops (Personify Leadership). In early 2017 Lila joined SD61 and in 2018 she became a BCTF Facilitator for TTOC Workshops. She is currently teaching at George Jay Elementary in the Greater Victoria School District.

  • Joanie Koch-Kalanj

    Joanie Koch-Kalanj, in 2019, gratefully became a BCTF Facilitator for TTOC Workshops and presented the ‘in-person version’ in West Kelowna and Invermere.  “Tapestry” is her first virtual conference and is thankful to have at her side, talented and techno-savvy colleagues and of course her co-facilitator! 

    Joanie received her Elementary Teacher Certificate (1975) and BEd - Elementary Language Arts/Music Degree (1980) from UVic. She completed her MEd, Diploma Field Studies Cohort Program with SFU and BSD#41 (2007).  

    Her first year teaching position was in Fernie, B.C. (2 years) and then 32 years (and counting!) with Burnaby, in varying capacities including intermediate classroom, Grades 6 and 7;   Music: K-7 and TTOC: K-12. 

    Joanie has presented her own workshop, entitled,  “Groovin’ With Inclusion,”  to cohort colleagues, International Teachers at SFU, and at a District Pro-D day in Oliver, B.C.  It was designed as her final project for her MEd Diploma and is an interactive workshop that explores how music impacts the brain, helps with emotional and social development, enhances self-esteem, assists with language development and can be an effective contributor to strengthening all the learning styles.

    At UVic, she has worked for two terms as an evening instructor for first year education students and in the Education Extension department.  At VCC (Vancouver Community College), she was an instructor in the Adult Basic Education department, for beginner to high school levels.  At UBC, she co-created the English Education Resource Centre (1979).

    She has many years of experience, and also a ‘young at heart’ attitude and desire to continue to model the life-long learning concept of which she has always been a strong proponent. She is excited to be part of this conference and continue to learn with the current generation of caring, skilled and talented professionals.