Ocean Education for Everyone: Ready-to-Use Classroom Resources

Dip in and explore the ocean education resources curated for you in the Schools #1 Toolkit (bit.ly/schools1toolkit), a project of Ocean Week Canada. Explore the variety of free, Canadian-focussed resources available to help you bring the ocean into your classroom. In addition to highlighting curriculum connections, the toolkit also features ideas for cyclical, inquiry-based teaching. Educators with all levels of ocean knowledge are invited to join this session.

Target Audience

6-8/Middle school


9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

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  • Ocean Networks Canada
    Lauren Hudson

    Lauren creates educational resources and learning opportunities to bring students, educators and the public closer to the ocean. She is a big kid at heart and likes to find fun ways to make ocean education as exciting as possible. With a passion for connection and collaboration, she enjoys working with other STEAM organizations to create unique experiences for learners of all ages. Lauren joined Ocean Networks Canada in the summer of 2019 after more than a decade teaching in the classroom.

  • Dwight Owens

    Dwight joined Ocean Networks Canada in 2008. He holds a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature and an M.A. in Educational Technology, both from the University of Colorado. Dwight has 20 years of experience in design and development of computer- and web-based rich media and interactive educational materials. Much of this work has been science-related, including a diversity of topics such as radar meteorology, the aurora borealis, hurricane safety, fire weather, watershed protection and the physics of shallow-water waves. Aside from his work in educational media, Dwight also previously worked as web communications designer for the Oregon State University Extension Services and ran a small consulting service. Although he was born and raised in places far-removed from the coast, Dwight has long been fascinated by oceans. This connection drew him to take up residence in coastal areas like Taiwan, Hawaii, western Oregon and most recently Vancouver Island. He's thrilled to be working with Ocean Networks Canada during this exciting time of growth and innovation.