eLibrary: A Curated Collection of Digital Resources for Elementary Schools

Looking for a curated, safe, and reliable source of online resources? Need tools to support inquiry learning? Travis Richey and Ben Koning will be leading you through an exploration of eLibrary, an elementary-focused hub of digital resources to support the learning and instructional needs of students, families and teachers. While rich in content and wide in scope, the site’s design provides easy access for young patrons and emerging and beginner readers through simple text and icon-based navigation. This web portal for elementary level students attempts to alleviate some of the burden on teachers and parents to source high quality, age-appropriate, online educational content and provide a safe space for student exploration. While not an exhaustive collection of resources and information, eLibrary hopes to serve as the preferred starting point for online learning at the elementary level.

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12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • School District 61: Torquay and Tillicum Elementary Schools
    Ben Koning

    Ben has been working in the field of education for over 25 years. He has worked as an educational consultant helping schools integrate technology with the curriculum, a highschool teacher, school technologist, school administrator and elementary technology teacher. He has been an elementary school librarian for the past 16 years. Currently he is the librarian at Torquay and Tillicum Elementary Schools in the Victoria School District. Ben is the co-founder of elibrary.sd61.bc.ca which serves 27 elementary schools in the Victoria District.

  • School District 61: Rogers and Strawberry Vale Elementary Schools
    Travis Richey

    Travis has worked in the field of education for 16 years. With experience at all levels, from elementary through to adult education, he has brought his passion for storytelling, local history, and placed-based education to libraries at the elementary level for the past 12 years. Travis is currently the Teacher-Librarian at both Rogers and Strawberry Vale Elementary Schools in the Victoria School District. While much of his educational emphasis is on in-person interaction and fostering school culture, he recognizes the significance of our increasingly digitized lives. Travis encourages safe and informed exploration of online resources as the co-founder of elibrary.sd61.bc.ca.