Self-Care and Physical Literacy/Soins personnels et littératie physique - Bilingual

**this workshop will be facilitated in both French & English** (English description below, following the French)

Soins personnels et littératie physique

Convient pour: tous les âges

Sujets: respiration; posture & estime de soi; alignement optimal et contrôle de base.

Objectifs: Renforcer le corps; Diminuer le stress; Améliorer la coordination

L'enseignement des soins personnels commence par les soins personnels. Cet atelier vous guidera à travers des exercices de respiration et de prise de conscience pour votre corps et votre esprit, suivis d'exercices sur la façon de trouver un alignement optimal en position assise, debout et en mouvement. Au fur et à mesure que nous aborderons les exercices d'engagement de base pour la stabilité et la force, vous examinerez les habitudes que vous créez dans votre corps et ce que cela mènera au fil du temps.

Nous couvrirons du matériel qui explore la science derrière une bonne posture et comment un alignement optimal sert la fonction et la longévité des muscles et des articulations. Une partie de ce matériel peut être plus approprié pour les classes plus anciennes, mais vous pouvez le trouver utile comme information de base pour enseigner la bonne posture et soins personnels à vos élèves.


Appropriate for : All Ages 

Subjects: Breathing; Posture and Self-Esteem; Optimal Alignment and Core Control.

Objectives: Strengthen the body; Decrease stress; Improve coordination

Teaching self-care starts with self-care. This workshop will take you through breathing and awareness exercises for your body and mind, followed by exercises on how to find optimal alignment sitting, standing and moving. As we get into the core engagement exercises for stability and strength you will look at the habits you are creating in your body and what that will lead to over time.

The workshop delves briefly into the science behind good posture and how optimal alignment serves function and longevity of the muscles and joints. Some of this material may be more appropriate for older grades, however you may find most of it useful as background information for teaching posture and self-care to all your students.

Target Audience

K-12 English & French

To Bring/Important Notes


You'll need somewhere to sit, imitating a classroom possible desk, or just the floor on a mat as if in a gym.

If you are doing this workshop with a cohort, assessment tools would be useful. 

  • Download files; postural checklist 

  • Chair, desk, or floor 

  • Blank paper and pencil

  • pole or stick

  • Phone or tablet with camera and stopwatch

See you there!


12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

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  • Sylvie Archambault

    Sylvie Archambault is a Grade 4-5 French Immersion Teacher at Margaret Jenkins and  previously taught Grade 8 at Central Middle School as well as various grades for the Vancouver School District. Prior to her experience in Education, she had the opportunity to work in tourism, event planning and architecture. Her past experiences continue to nourish her creative ability as an educator, adjusting educational content to her students needs and interest while facilitating cross-curricular learning experiences that maximize students' learnings. 

  • Jacqueline Sloan

    Jacqueline Sloan have worked in fitness and dance her whole life, and is the creator of Body Mechanics for Kids. Her private practice TASK Fitness Solutions, after 10 years at Shelbourne Physiotherapy, provides clients with a clinical approach to conditioning and restoring function and mobility through Pilates and other modalities.


    Jacqueline started her professional career with National Ballet of Canada and is the founding director of Ballet Victoria.