How to better help your refugee students?

Refugees coming to Canada from conflict zones, unfortunately, bring with them a lot of baggage; this includes PTSD, emotional challenges and Academic challenges.

Some of them are bright students! But years of not going to school have affected them immensely. Hence, how to better support them?  This workshop will run through key activities and actions that could be done to better help those students.

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12:45 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Aboubakar (Abkar) Idriss

    Aboubakar is an Education activist and a motivational speaker; he is very active on social media providing students from Africa and the Middle East with information on scholarships, university admission, learning English...etc

    His YouTube channel has over 390,000 subscribers, and he has been featured on CBC, MSN, CHEK News and Aljazeera TV Network. He has workd cloesly with Youtube, ONE.ORG Foudation and Thosmans Routers Foundation to fight poverty through Education.