Creative Reuse Craft: TP Tube Loom Weaving

The average Canadian generates around nine-elephants worth of waste per year — a large portion of these materials could be diverted for reuse! Learn how to integrate creative reuse into the classroom through this hands-on craft using materials lying around the house or in the recycling bin. Easily translated into a Zoom project, teachers will learn how to create a simple loom and french knit a rug, scarf, finger puppet, or chapstick holder necklace while using sustainable principles and methods. Hosted by SUPPLY Victoria — a nonprofit with the mission to divert materials from the landfill and put them into the hands of people who need them in order to create a more sustainable, creative, and inclusive Victoria.

To Bring/Important Notes

Materials/Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet paper roll

  • 4-6 popsicle sticks

  • Tape

  • Hot glue (or strong glue)

  • Yarn or string

  • Scissors

  • Optional: googly eyes, felt, fabric glue


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Included in your registration


  • Ashley Howe

    Ashley Howe is the founder and executive director of SUPPLY Victoria — a nonprofit dedicated to diverting materials from the landfill and putting them into the hands of artists, students, and teachers. Ashley brings her passion for reuse to Victoria from Portland, Oregon where she worked for several reuse-focused organizations. Since moving to Victoria and establishing SUPPLY in 2018, she has been able to divert thousands of pounds of materials from the landfill and introduce creative reuse art education to hundreds of youth and adults.