Productive Percussionists – Making the most of your Percussion Section

Whether it’s the kid that spends the whole class on their phone in the back of the room, or the “drummer” that can’t keep time to save their lives, many teachers struggle with what to do with their percussionists.  We will discuss some of the challenges to getting and keeping your percussionists engaged during music class and how to address those challenges.  We'll also tackle playing techniques to help you guide students to improved musicianship and good habits. 
In addition, an overview of general maintenance and upkeep of your percussion instruments will help round-out your knowledge and empower you to keep your percussionists making beautiful music.  As part of this portion, we will cover changing drumheads, and participants are encouraged to bring in their own classroom snare drums, as well as a drum key, to participate. (other tools and 14" drumheads will be provided by Tom Lee Music).

Target Audience

Middle & Secondary Music Teachers/Band Directors


10:00 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Ellery Ferguson

    Ellery Ferguson (MEd MMus) arrived in Vancouver in 2013 to study percussion performance as a graduate student at the University of British Columbia and has been performing with some of the regions top orchestras ever since.  Coming from a background in education, teaching band and choir in Winnipeg, he has put on numerous clinics and master-classes in percussion for junior and senior high students in addition to performing with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.  He has studied with Leigh Stevens, Vern Griffiths, and Jauvon Gilliam of the National Symphony Orchestra.  In 2006 he participated in the LHS Summer Marimba Seminar and performed Robert Kurka’s Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra as a winner of the University of Manitoba Concerto Competition.  In addition to his professional life, he is also very involved in community work and volunteering, and continues to maintain an active lifestyle.