Exploring Digital Resources: Middle School Edition

Looking for a curated, safe, and reliable source of online resources? Two SD61 Teacher Librarians will lead an exploration of some of the middle school-focused digital resources that have been developed to support the learning and instructional needs of students, parents, and teachers. This web portal attempts to alleviate some of the burden on teachers and parents to source high quality, age-appropriate, online educational content and provide a safe space for student exploration. While not an exhaustive collection of resources and information, these school-based sites hope to serve as the preferred starting point for online research and learning at the middle school level.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Please have a pen and paper handy as well as a computer to explore some of the resources we will be sharing.


12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

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  • Katherine O'Connor

    Katherine has worked in education for the past 15 years. She taught French Immersion, ELL, and was an associate professor at Royal Roads University before becoming a Teacher Librarian 3 years ago. Katherine currently works 4 days a week as Central Middle School's Teacher Librarian, and spends her Fridays working from her shed in her other roles as an editor, this year's SD61 middle school library website coordinator, or scribbling away at her novel under the close supervision of her dog. She brings a diverse background to her work in the library learning commons from chairing provincial social justice committees and local non-profit boards, sitting on the Vancouver Island Refugee Response Team's education committee, and working as a community support worker before becoming a teacher. 

  • Hannah Abbott

    Hannah has been working in education for 9 years. With experience at many levels, from elementary through to middle school, she has brought her passion for literacy, technology and inquiry to her roles in the classroom and library learning commons. Hannah is currently in a role that has her wearing many hats at Lansdowne South Grade 6 campus. She is the Teacher-Librarian for the Grade 6 campus, teaches math and science , facilitates a Technology exploratory and runs the gifted program.  Last year she was the full time Teacher Librarian at Colquitz Middle School and previously worked as the Teacher Librarian and in a Learning Support role at Craigflower Elementary. Before moving to Victoria three years ago, she worked as a classroom teacher in Calgary and at a Reggio international school in Bangkok, Thailand.