Calming the Waters: Aligning the Active View of Reading with SOR & Balanced Literacy

This research based on-line interactive in-service is designed for Elementary Learning Support and Classroom Teachers. Participants will develop an understanding of how restructuring and rethinking programming and teaching practices for all students who are learning to read, including those who are struggling, can lead to accelerated gains. Drawing on leading educational researchers, some schools are reconsidering their delivery modes for literacy instruction and intervention models. In an interactive manner, the presenters will highlight the key elements of Science of Reading and through modelling they will describe how to bridge these in a balanced literacy framework. This presentation will also answer the question “What is possible for students experiencing difficulties in reading?

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12:45 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • SD61
    Breanne Glover

    Breanne Glover (BEd, Post Degree Diploma in Special Education and MEd) is currently a District Literacy Learning Support Teacher with the Greater Victoria School District. She also works as a part-time sessional instructor at the University of Victoria, co-teaching a course designed for teachers on the fundamentals of how to teach students to read. Breanne has previously worked as an Early Literacy Collaboration Teacher, an Inclusive Learning Support Teacher, a classroom teacher (elementary/middle), a Teacher Leader and a Teacher Mentor. Her passion for teaching children to read and write closely rivals her greatest life passion of being a mom to her two daughters.

  • Paul Pantaleo

    Paul Pantaleo (BEd, MA and Post Masters Diploma) is currently an Early Literacy Collaboration Teacher in the Greater Victoria School District. Paul also works as a sectional instructor at the University of Victoria and has taught numerous courses focusing on assisting students at the elementary level experiencing difficulties with reading and writing. He has also been a classroom teacher, elementary vice-principal, Reading Recovery Teacher and Trainer and a Teacher Leader.