Physical Activity and Physical Literacy for Everyone: Setting the Stage for Inclusion

Do all of your students feel included and respected in physical and health education, and in class physical activities?

The focus of this 90-minute workshop is to equip educators to take proactive actions that will ensure that every student can fully participate in all aspects of physical activity and learning. Discuss specific considerations and inclusion strategies, and learn how to make a difference in the enjoyment of physical activity for all students.

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12:44 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Sport for Life
    Shelley Roddie

    Shelley Roddie is the Coordinator of Workshops for Sport for Life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation and Health Education (Co-op) from the University of Victoria. Shelley has worked in various positions related to health and wellness, both youth and sport focused including a co-op term with Sport for Life! Shelley is thrilled to be back with the organization so she can continue delivering her passion towards creating positive sport and recreation opportunities and supporting the development of leaders in sport and long-term development.

    Shelley has always had sport and recreation in her life and loves to be active! You can find her outdoors walking, hiking or at the beach. She also loves swimming and the water, as well as traveling.

  • Erica McLean

    A member of Gitxsan First Nation, Erica is a member of the killer whale/fireweed clan, a former mascot and educator. Through these lenses, Erica learned: sport and physical activity are spaces where we can see resiliency in practice. It is a place where we can see it and feel it in real time. Therefore, sport and physical activity are the simplest and most accessible vehicles in driving equity. Erica can often be found weightlifting, playing outside with her two sons or working on writing.