Beyond Calendar: Using Thinking Routines to Develop Mathematical Competencies

Do you find it a challenge to balance skill development with engagement, excitement and exploration in your Math lessons?  Do you wish you had some strategies for making Math learninng more meaningful (and fun) for both your students and yourself?  Are you wanting ways to differentiate for the vast diversity of learners in your classroom? Thinking Routines build both Core and Curricular Competenciesas well as strategies and Number Sense, in a way that is engaging for all learners in the classroom. Whether you’ve realized your traditional Calendar Routine isn’t the best use of your class time or you are new to the primary classroom or grade, these routines will get all your students thinking and having rich discussions about Math. This workshop is designed to be introductory and participants will leave having experienced some routines, as well as with resources to explore further.


Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

- A laptop or tablet that can run both Zoom and a web browser

- Pencil, paper and some small items for counting 


12:45 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • SD36 Priority Practices (District Education Centre)
    Jessica Kyle

     Jess is currently a Numeracy Helping Teacher in Surrey, B.C., where she has been teaching for 20 years.  In the 17 years that she spent in the classroom, Jess taught grades 1-7, with the majority of the time at 3/4 and then 6/7.  Having spent her career working with students from diverse backgrounds, she is a passionate advocate for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Assessment.  Other areas of mathematical interest include the connections between Math and other disciplines, such as Art and Coding, as well the field of Ethnomathematics.  Jess has a Master’s degree in Teacher Inquiry, where she focused on ways to involve students in authentic assessment and building strong classroom communities.  She has 2 elementary-aged children, who are also learning to recognize the joy in playing with Math. She participates in the #MTBoS community on Twitter using @Jesannwa.