Study Skills

Many students don't know how they should be studying, let alone why its important. This highly interactive workshop assesses the learning style of each participant and then presents a series of strategies to address each modality. Learn a little about how the brain works, why we forget, and how to beat the threat of tests.

Target Audience

Middle and secondary schools


12:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Room 202

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  • Clark Schwab

    I entered teaching in 1993 as a special needs assistant at Oak Bay High, and remained in that role until 1995. Later that year I was transferred to work as a Resource Support teacher for special needs and behavioural students in Oak Bay’s newly created Resource Room. I received a Special Needs teaching qualification from School District 61 in 1999. I currently teach at Esquimalt High where I have worked since 2002. My assignments have included Mathematics 9, Science 9 & 10 and Biology 11 and 12. I have been department head for both Mathematics and our Challenge Program (Gifted Ed). While at Oak Bay, I developed a program for Study Skills to help struggling students. I have presented this workshop to incoming students and at past Tapestry events.